crfsuite for natural language processing

A new R package called crfsuite supported by BNOSAC landed safely on CRAN last week. The crfsuite package ( is an R package specific to Natural Language Processing and allows you to easily build and apply models for

  • named entity recognition
  • text chunking
  • part of speech tagging
  • intent recognition or
  • classification of any category you have in mind

The focus of the implementation is on allowing the R user to build such models on his/her own data, with your own categories. The R package is a Rcpp interface to the popular crfsuite C++ package which is used a lot in all kinds of chatbots.

In order to facilitate creating training data on your own data, a shiny app is made available in this R package which allows you to easily tag your own chunks of text, with your own categories, which can next be used to build a crfsuite model. The package also plays nicely together with the udpipe R package (, which you need in order to extract predictive features (e.g. parts of speech tags) for your words to be used in the crfsuite model.

On a side-note. If you are in the area of NLP, you might also be interested in the upcoming ruimtehol R package which is a wrapper around the excellent StarSpace C++ code providing word/sentence/document embeddings, text-based classification, content-based recommendation and similarities as well as entity relationship completion.

app screenshot

You can get going with the crfsuite package as follows. Have a look at the package vignette, it shows you how to construct and apply your own crfsuite model.

## Install the packages

## Look at the vignette
vignette("crfsuite-nlp", package = "crfsuite")

More details at the development repository where you can also provide feedback.

Training on Text Mining 

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