Statistical web applications

As part of our continuous effort in order to integrate analytical technologies inside your organisation, we help set up, design and implement web applications or web services which contain an large analytical component. This includes creating mockups of the design, building dashboards and building full-fledged frontend web tooling to support your decision making. Interested? Get in touch.


The design of our web applications cover both the frontend development as the backend integration. This includes

1 Designing which features should be shown to the users by creating mockups

2 Creating the architecture of the backend in cooperation with internal architects

3 Defining the definition of the webservices & database structure at the backbone of the webapplication

4 Designing & creating the data flows

5 Building the application & setting up integrated development environments to streamline updates


From dashboarding to integrated solutions

Basic We can set up quickly ad-hoc dashboards for you which combine complexity with speed of development. A tool we frequently use for this is Shiny
Integrated For more advanced projects where the size of the frontend is bigger and requires more integration, we set up the javascript/python frontend and the backend communication in frameworks which allow for more complexity.