R methodology

logo r  BNOSAC provides expertise in statistical modelling, data science, text mining, web scraping, biostatistics, statistical web development and integration services regarding data analytics. R is always a component which is included into these services as it is the most used data science software worldwide. 

R inside the organisation + R architectural advice

We provide R support which is detailed here. If your team uses R, there are different levels of maturity which require different skillsets in the organisation.

BNOSAC sets your team on the right track regarding R usage by providing in-house courses as well by sharing best practices for R usage for each application domain and each business. We also provide architectural advise on the usage of R. Contact us for more details by filling the web form.

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R project set up by BNOSAC 

1 As a standard delivery, projects with an R component by BNOSAC consist of the following elements:

  • One or several R packages which were developed to execute the analysis and for reproducibility
  • A CRAN-like R package repository which can be used to install all the packages and the dependencies
  • Access to the RolleR R continuous integration environment by BNOSAC.
  • In-house training for R users for based on the training courses listed here. This includes making sure you can redo the analysis in-house and have in-depth understanding of the techniques used.

r deployment

2 All R packages are delivered according to the current standards, namely:

  • By using the development environment RStudio
  • All functions are put into an R package and are documented with roxygen code blocks, based on which documentation is provided. These contain examples based on data delivered by the client which is included inside the package
  • The R package contains a vignette with general overview documentation how to use the function
  • For core functionality, unit testing are specified
  • All code passes R CMD check, so that it can be published on CRAN
  • The client specifies the licence and is owner of the code if specified during the setup

3 During the initial meeting, we discuss the setup and the backbone of the application which can for example be as follows

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