TXTMiner - automated text analysis

Stop reading text, comments, employee & customer feedback or call agent and IT logs, let TXTMiner read it for you and give you immediated insight on the sentiment, the topics which are written and the relationship with other KPI's in your organisation (customer KPI's like churn/upsell, customer satisfaction, ...). TXTMiner combines automatic text analysis with automated and integrated machine learning and predictive modelling. The webapplication is built for in-house social scientists or citizen data scientists with a deadline and can be run on premise or in the cloud.

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txtminer is a web application tailored to automatic understanding what is written in raw text collected in employee engagement studies, customer & brand satisfaction studies, online website feedback, call center feedback, IT ticket logs.

It is a text mining solution for researchers inside an organisation who want to understand what customer / employees or other peers have written down about a specific domain. The tool does not require any programming or statistical knowledge and provides a ready-made web application tailored to quickly understand large volumes of text.

TXTMiner performs the basic analysis you need and shows and reports the results, hereby allowing you to analyse the text without reading it. This covers automatic answering the following business questions:

  1. what is the sentiment of the verbatim
  2. what do people talk about
  3. how is this related to other KPI's
  4. can we automate these predictive models (yes!)

txtminer features


Major European Languages

TXTMiner covers text mining on all major Western-European languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Dutch.



TXTMiner is a web application and requires no dedicated data scientists to execute text analytics and to find meaningfull results. It automatically finds sentiments, topics and finds the relations with other KPI's in the text.


Integrated root cause analysis

TXTMiner immediately detects which written text and topics in the text are linked to other KPI's in your data like churn / upsell / customer satisfaction / employee engagement. And provides a report on that.


Interactive visualisations

The tool goes beyond standard text mining output by visualising words / networks of words / networks of topics using interactive visualisations.


Integrated predictive modelling

Topic & Predictive models are stored and can be called by external applications to automatically give predictions about churn / upsell / type of topic or solution.


On Premise or Cloud

The service is either offered as a webapplication at either your secure in-house servers or any cloud-based server. BNOSAC supports in setting up the tool and making sure the input data matches the requested format.