Automate R processes

Last week we updated the cronR R package and released it to CRAN allowing you to schedule any R code on whichever timepoint you like. The package was updated in order to comply to more stricter CRAN policies regarding writing to folders. Along the lines, the RStudio add-in of the package was also updated. It now looks as shown below and is tailored to Data Scientists that want to automate basic R scripts.

cronR rstudioaddin


The cronR ( and taskscheduleR ( R packages are distributed on CRAN and provide the basic functionalities to schedule R code at your specific timepoints of interest. The taskscheduleR R package is designed to schedule processes on Windows, the cronR R package allows to schedule your jobs on Linux or Mac. Hope you enjoy the packages.

If you need support in automating and integrating more complex R flows in your current architecture, feel free to get into contact here.