Machine Learning with R - upcoming course in Belgium

For R users interested in Machine Learning, you can attend our upcoming course on Machine Learning with R which is scheduled on 18-19 October 2017 in Leuven, Belgium. This is now the 4th year this course is given at the university of Leuven so we made quite some updates since the first time this was given 4 years ago.

During the course you'll learn the following techniques from a methodological as well as a practical perspective: naive bayes, trees, feed-forward neural networks, penalised regression, bagging, random forests, boosting and if time permits graphical lasso, penalised generalised additive models, support vector machines.

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For R users interested in text mining with R, applied spatial modelling with R, advanced R programming or computer vision, you can also subscribe for the following courses, scheduled at the University of Leuven.

  • 18-19/10/2017: Statistical machine learning with R. Leuven (Belgium). Subscribe here
  • 08+10/11/2017: Text mining with R. Leuven (Belgium). Subscribe here
  • 19-20/12/2017: Applied spatial modelling with R. Leuven (Belgium). Subscribe here
  • 20-21/02/2018: Advanced R programming. Leuven (Belgium). Subscribe here
  • 08-09/03/2018: Computer Vision with R and Python. Leuven (Belgium). Subscribe here
  • 22-23/03/2018: Text Mining with R. Leuven (Belgium). Subscribe here