RolleR - continuous integration for R users

As part of our continuous effort in order to integrate analytical technologies inside your organisation, we help set up, design and implement continuous integration stacks for R users. RolleR is a collection of tools we provide during a bnosac project, allowing to automate R procedures and processes.

  • Roller is a group of tools which allow R users to more easily automate R processes inside the organisation, maintain R packages and do continuous integration for R users. It consists of a code repository, continuous integration and job schedulers.
  • The software is offered freely during bnosac projects in order to speed up deployment of models, GUI's and data flows in R. The software is requested mostly in combination with R training.

R continuous integration

RolleR aids in the setup of R inside the organisation. These cover typical issues like

1 Setting up enterprise-ready R packages and their dependencies which are usefull for the analytics

2 Combining these packages with own in-house built R packages

3 Setting up a CRAN-like repository which contains these packages and their dependencies. Allowing for reproducibility, upgrading + maintenance.

4 Setting up continuous integration builds and tools to automate updates to R code and flag issues. Triggering of R code directly into real-life applications.


R process automation

RolleR includes as well tooling to schedule R processes and maintain the output and logs. These integrations work directly with RStudio.

Linux/Mac RolleR includes an R package called cronR which allows R users on Unix to schedule R processes. It has an RStudio extension plugin.
Windows For Windows users, RolleR also contains an R package called taskscheduleR which can be used to automate R processes on Windows machines.



Free during project and 6 months after the project end. Features:

  • Access to continuous integration platform
  • Unlimited continuous integration builds
  • Own CRAN R package repository
  • Training on R package development / R automation & continuous integration
  • Within day support on R package issues


Pricing 2500 € / year. Similar setup as Business + in addition:

  • Setup of in-house continuous integration platform
  • Yearly in-house course on R automation
  • Advise on structuring R projects
  • Direct support for integration + automation issues at cheap dayly rate

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