DataMind & The R Service Bus @ RBelgium


Within 2 weeks on Friday, May 24, The RBelgium R user group is holding its next Regular meeting in Leuven for which this is the schedule:

** Jonathan Cornelissen - DataMind 

Discover DataMind, a new online learning platform for data analysis and R, developed by a group of Belgian R enthusiasts! 

** Tobias Verbeke (OpenAnalytics) - The R Service Bus 

R is the statistical computing environment of choice but in many contexts statistical analyses need to be triggered in automated business processes or workflows. 

The R Service Bus is a communication middleware and work manager for R that allows to plug R into such processes independently of the technology used. Several use cases will be demonstrated where the R Service Bus has proven its value, and some technical details will be given on how integration exercises have been tackled in industry.

For more information about the event follow this link. Feel free to join.


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