Welcome to BNOSAC - the Belgium Network of Open Source Analytical Consultants

BNOSAC, is a Belgium consultancy network specialized in open source analytical intelligence. We gather a group of dedicated open source software engineers with a focus on data mining, business intelligence, statistical engineering and advanced artificial intelligence.

We are experts in using analytical open source software and provide expertise, consultancy and training for the use of well-established open source tools like R, Python, Pentaho, PostgreSQL, OpenBugs, PostGIS and Mapserver in your organisation.

We supply you with the knowledge, the technology and the practical skills to efficiently boost your business through analytical problem-solving. Our open source expertise allows us to combine a low price for high quality while integrating the latest no-nonsense statistical developments in your business setting. 


We consider ourselves as helpers. We aid in setting up analytical platforms, statistical servers, data marts, we build up statistical web applications, help you integrate these applications in your operational systems and let you understand and apply the analytical techniques that can leverage your strategic business goals.

We are founded in 2008 and have a reputation for being an honest, open and low cost analytical intelligence provider. 

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